There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.
— Matahma Gandhi

The Idea

We are able to keep our business simple, in ­control and keep a lean inventory. We don't expect our customers to over­ invest in products and then have big sales to get rid of them. We can make what's needed, when it's needed.


Sustainability & Qutsourcing

The fabric we outsource for most of our clients comes from excess stock fabric from manufacturers to follow our sustainable policies. We don’t produce anything new for our own clothing brand apart from zippers, coconut buttons and threads.

We are always working on being more and more sustainable and appreciate all ideas, you can mail us at info@disdis.com


100% Handmade

Everything we make is handmade with kindness and nothing is mass produced.

We put our heart into each piece. We make everything in our own work studio in Pondicherry. Opening hours 9 am - 5 pm from Monday to Saturday. Our DisDis Studio employees all have pension funds, benefits, insurance policies and etc. Our employees have become our family. Since we extended the company to become a manufacturer in 2012, The employees that started with us in 2012 are still part of our family .

We take big pride in how our stitching unit has grown, our faire for details and good quality,