DisDis Unit – Started in December 2012, with the idea of making a full collection under the same roof. To make it easier for designers to oversee their design ideas from paper into a product. Then from prototype into size sets and into production.  

Leather– Leather is our speciality. From outsourcing it in all kind of quality, colours, texture and prints. We can make Jackets, Coats, dresses, trousers, tops, skirts, shirts, all types of bags, sandals and accessories.



Jersey  –


Knit –  

Fabric with Lycra –

Printing – Any fabric with your design printed on it.



Shoe makers – We choose to work with street shoe makers in India, we train and improve their skills. 

Weavers – We work with individuals that we give projects to, mostly women in south India.

Embroidery – Is done by hand in-house.





Prototype – Taking ur design from paper to a product.  

Size Grading – Once a prototype has been approved, next step is to create size sets. 

Production – Here we manufacture your product in quantity, after a advance payment has been made. 

Quantity – We have no minimums. 

Labels – We order threw another supplier, your logo label design.  

Quality Inspection – Here we go over your production before packing and shipping. See to that all things have been trimmed and ironed. Before it proceeds to packing.

Packing  – Packaging depends on each clients requirements.  

Shipment – We mainly send via DHL, or by clients choices. 



Manager – His name is Christopher and he oversees all our projects and outsources all things needed for each production.

Accountant – Her name is Priya and she takes care of our costings and daily expenses.

Pattern Master – His name is Ramalingam and he makes a pattern from your Tech pack that explains your design, then he takes care of grading into size sets.


Head Stitcher – HIs name is Chandra Shakar he oversees all our stitching and sets the timeframe for each project.

Head Leather Maker – His name is Selvam, he takes care of all our bags and accessories sampling and production.

Owners – Vigdis (Reykjavik) and Dharshini (Paris) started the unit in 2012 together.