About us

DisDis fashion house focuses on modern style and high quality standards for the independent working women of today’s world with many roles.

DisDis clothing line consists of a changeable zipper theme skirt, that can be worn in 3 different lengths, changeable sleeves with different colours or you can easily go sleeveless. You can easily change from day wear, evening wear to party wear, without having to go home and change.

The collection includes Palazzo trousers, Off Shoulder Dresses, Frill Tops, Frill Maxi´s, Frill Jumpsuits, Chambray Rompers and so much more.

The collection 2016 is made with Blue Striped printed Bamboo Cotton and Linen with hand painted red and yellow stripes, Cotton with Banana leaf print, White cotton, Bamboo cotton and Cotton jersey. 

Our “IT” summer bags for this season are hand-woven and hand stitched basket bags with printed snake Italian leather handles, we are IN LOVE with them!

Our Bags Collection is easy to use and very versatile and spacious. Each bag is designed so that women don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for their things, such as phones, keys etc.

DisDis’s line of bags calls out to women of all ages and professions to carry themselves and their things in a comfortable, organized manner and most importantly in aesthetically pleasing style.